The Monroe Police Department has specially trained police officers who are certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Installers.  By appointment, these officers will professionally install your child safety seat.  These officers take pride in adding to your child’s safety.

We will also provide car seats (Subject to availability).  With funding from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the Monroe Police Department was able to purchase car seats for those that cannot afford them or have purchased car seats that are not recommended for safety.  To make an appointment please call:  782-8644 or email Sgt. Timothy Young at [email protected].  


The Monroe Police Department distributes free gun locks to anyone who requests them.  We have received these locks through the National “Project Childsafe” Program.  These gun locks are for handguns, shotguns and rifles.  Stop by the Monroe Police Department to pick up your free gun lock.   To learn more visit:


To help insure that unwanted drugs don’t get into the wrong hands and to avoid contaminating our groundwater, the Monroe Police Department offers this program.  We collect your unwanted drugs and have them properly disposed of, free of charge.  Residents can drop off their unwanted drugs anytime.  Just walk into our lobby and place them in our secure drop box.  This program is in cooperation with the New York State National Guard Counter-Drug Task Force and CVS Pharmacy who have supplied us with the drop box.


This objectives of this program is for residents to provide pertinent information to the Monroe Police Department of their loved ones who may have special needs.  In the event of emergencies or natural disasters, our officers will check on those with special needs to make sure they are safe.  In addition, by our officers knowing that a person has special needs, it will help them in the field whenever dealing with that person.  We would also have contact numbers on file to get in touch with their loved ones in the event of an emergency.  This is a great program and we encourage participation.  You can download a copy of the form HERE.


In an effort to possess the most complete and comprehensive Emergency Response Plan to aid residents during times of emergencies and natural disasters, we have developed our No Person Left Behind Program.   This program aids Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel with safeguarding or evacuating residents during times of large scale incidents.  The Village of Monroe Emergency Response Plan is compiled and maintained by the Monroe Police Department.  Our plan lists all residents who have signed up for it that may have special needs such as:  mentally challenged, limited or no mobility, confined to a wheelchair, limited sight or hearing, elderly or frail and persons who require constant oxygen or other medical equipment to sustain life.  This list advises first responders of the people who have special needs so they can bring appropriate equipment and manpower to that resident in times of emergencies.  We encourage anyone with special needs to take advantage of this service.  Please fill out the form and return it to the Monroe Police Department:  You can download a copy of the form HERE.


Our R.U.O.K. program offers the elderly and home-bound residents a daily phone call to check on their welfare.  A Dispatcher from the Monroe Police Department will call the person each day at a time specified by the requester to check on their welfare.  If the person answers the telephone and states that everything is ok, no further action is taken.  If there is no answer or if the person answers and states that they need help, we dispatch a police officer to their residence immediately.  This program has been very successful for elderly people who have fallen down and could not get up due to injury or illness and unable to make a telephone call for help.  Many lives have been saved by our police officers responding to the residences of those who did not answer their telephone and were in need of medical assistance.  There is no charge for this program and we encourage all residents with elderly loved ones to participate.  Please fill out our form and return it to the Monroe Police Department.  You can download a copy of the form HERE.


The Monroe Police Department is one of the few police departments who have an EMT Program.  The majority of our police officers are New York State Certified EMT’s and handle all medical emergencies.   Since the police department operates 24 hours / 7 days a week, police officers are often the first responders on the scene for medical calls.  Our Police Officer / EMT's carry all medical supplies needed to save lives such as:  Automated External Defibrillators (AED), Oxygen, Narcan (to treat opioid overdose) ,Glucose, Splints and Bandages.  Our EMT’s have been credited with saving many lives throughout the course of the program.


Our Rape Aggression Defense Program, (R.A.D.) is an international program that trains citizens in self-defense in the event that they are ever the victim of an attack.  The Monroe Police Department currently has two certified R.A.D. instructors who have held several classes.  For any groups that would like to have R.A.D. training, please call the Monroe Police Department at:  782-8644 or email to:  [email protected]


The Police Officers of the Monroe Police Department are assigned to follow School Buses every day during their patrols.   This program has been very successful with the enforcement of vehicles that pass a stopped school bus.  Passing a stopped school bus is a very serious offense and very dangerous for children who may cross the road.  The police presence throughout neighborhoods is also a great deterrent of crime.


Every day our officers walk through the schools in the Village of Monroe including private schools, pre-schools and special needs schools.  These school checks keep our officers familiar with the layout of the schools and they address any safety issues they may observe.  The students have become very accustomed to and are comfortable with the police presence in the schools.   The Monroe Police Department and the Monroe-Woodbury School District as well as the private schools and pre-schools have a great partnership and we work together for the safety of the students.

The Monroe-Woodbury School District has provided the Monroe Police Department with their live video feeds and our Dispatchers monitor the cameras in all of the schools and the school bus garage in real time.


All of the Police Officers of the Monroe Police Department have received extensive training in DWI detection and enforcement.  Officers enforce DWI Laws every day and they also participate in the Orange County Stop DWI Program.  This program is a grant that provides funding for directed DWI Patrols and DWI Checkpoints.


The Monroe Police Department has several officers that are trained in Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.  Two of our officers are New York State Department of Transportation Certified Level 1 Inspectors.  The objective of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is first and foremost, to protect our motorists and pedestrians who use our roads every day.  Secondly, we attempt to reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Lastly, to protect the state highways from unnecessary damage by securing compliance with state laws regulating weight of commercial vehicles and to ensure equitable payment of commercial vehicle registration fees by enforcement of registration laws.



The Monroe Police Department has partenered with Orange County Safe Homes to conduct follow up visits with the victims of Domestic Violence in the Village of Monroe.  These visits are to assist the victim in getting the proper services they need.



Hope Not Handcuffs is an initiative started by "Families Against Narcotics" (FAN), aimed at bringing law enforcement and community organizations together in an effort to find viable treatment options for individuals seeking help to reduce dependency with heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol. It is a solution.



Start By Believing is the global campaign to transorm the way we respond to sexual assault.  It was created by "End Violence Against Women International" (EVAWI), America’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving criminal justice responses to sexual assault.